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I just wanted to share that I’ve decided to stop blogging here and move to another blog. This one represents an era of my life that doesn’t quite fit who I am now. I’m not closing it because I love looking back and referencing what I’ve written before. However, I feel like I need to travel another road. I hope you’ll join me. :)

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Vegan Omelette, or no more stomach aches!

It’s been a month since going totally vegan and I am feeling GREAT! I have been able to cross my family over to it by 50%. We have at least 4 out of the 7 meals a week vegan. My kids have been amazed at how yummy these recipes are. That makes me happy.

I’ve always had some issues with certain foods. Dairy has ALWAYS upset my stomach. I have a health condition that raises up a certain type of white blood cell count. When that count is high, I can’t tolerate dairy, eggs, and sometimes pork. I get extreme fatigue. I came down with this disease when I was a teenager and as an adult now, it still comes in and out of recession. I’ve learned to avoid all those foods in order to not have horrendous stomach aches. And let me tell you, these stomach aches are so bad, they lay me out for an entire day. At 41 years old, with 3 kids, a home, a job and life….being laid up with stomach issues and fatigue over eating something is just irritating. There were times when I wasn’t sure where my blood count levels were, I would eat, say, pizza with cheese and I would wait for it. Wait for the beginning signs of the stomach ache. If it didn’t immediately happen, I was good. If it began, I had to stop eating. And after all these years, I have a conditioned response to certain foods now. I anticipate the stomach ache subconsciously.

So this morning, I made omelettes. It’s a big weekend breakfast for us. My husband and kids are not 100% vegan, so they had egg omelettes with all the fixing they like. I decided to find a recipe for a vegan version. I found this:

If you click on the picture it will take you to the website for the recipe. I was really happy I had everything on hand. I had vegan bacon, vegan “cheese”, onions, peppers, spinach….all the things I love on an omelette. I sat down to eat it and felt myself gear up for the stomach ache. It had 2 triggers: egg and dairy. But it really didn’t. A normal omelette would have those two triggers, but this one did not. I enjoyed every single salty, bacony, cheezy bite and I sit here stomach ache free.

Life without these stomach aches is sheer joy. Life as a vegan is amazing. My body feels good. My skin looks amazing. My joint aches are gone. My energy level is up. I am loving life!