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Camper Renovation Part 15: Finishing details that didn’t get done last year.

A year ago last February, my husband and I bought a 1967 Go-Lite camper. It’s a 13 foot camper that sleeps 6 (I am not kidding you.), has a kitchen and is just about the cutest little vintage camper ever! I spent the next few months remodeling the interior of that camper. I blogged about that remodel and you can read my posts about it HERE.

Now that summer is upon us, it’s time to finish some things we never got around to finishing last year. We will be repainting the exterior of the camper. The white will be white still, but the brown/gold color will be changed to aqua.

Obviously not exactly like this, but you get the idea.

We’ve decided to not run propane through the camper. There is an old heater in the camper, but we aren’t sure it’s very safe. The lines are very old and my husband feels it would be too expensive to re-do the propane lines at this time. I don’t cook in there anyway and we have a small propane catalytic heater we use on cold nights.

Inside the camper is a closet for hanging clothing.

This is an old picture before I painted, but you can see the closet. We’re taking out the hanging bar and replacing it with 4 shelves. The shelves will have baskets in them for clothing. Each member of our little family will have a basket to put their clothing into. It’s better than having duffle bags shoved into the closet. So much wasted space in there.

I’m in the middle of sewing a privacy curtain. This curtain will hang on a rod that goes perpendicular to the closet and the kitchen cabinets. This will give us a small room in the back of the camper for changing clothes. While you’re behind the curtain, you have access to the closet and all your clothing, yet someone can still be sitting in the dining area while you do it. I’ll post a picture when it’s done.

My husband also found a tutorial online about how to make your own awning for a Go-Lite trailer. I swear there is EVERYTHING on the internet! I am excited about having an awning. As you can see from the first picture above, we don’t have one and so if/when it rains, we have no outside cover. I’ll post pictures of that too.

That’s about it for now. Excited to get going on this. We have a camping trip coming up with friends and I am DYING to get out in the wilderness and enjoy some friend/family time!

#13 and 666 BE GONE

I find it a little creepy that my last post was camper post #13 and it was also my 666 blog post. (There are some unpublished posts too.) So I need to break those nasty numbers and post something funny.

Post #14 about the camper:

It is dirty. Caked in mud. I have yet to go out and clean it. I am still wading through the endless muddy, campfire smoky laundry.

Post #667 about my kids:
Duchess came in to me this morning laughing because I had neglected to give her her next math workbook. I scratched my head wondering how that was possible and told her I’d go get it in a few minutes. She came back a minute later and said, “If I have 12 stars in my math chart, does that mean I’m done with my math workbooks for the year? 12 math books, 12 stars?” She’s right. She’s done with math for the school year. It suddenly dawned on me that we have 8 days of school left. 8 days of 4th grade. 8 days of 7th grade. 8 days of 9th grade. Wow.